Why Hire a Guerrilla Marketing Consultant?

consultantGuerrilla Marketing is about using your time, energy, imagination and knowledge to reach your conventional goals (marketing & sales objectives) through Unconventional Low-Cost High Impact Guerrilla Strategies and Tactics.

But guess what? You don’t have to use your time & energy & Imagination & knowledge! You can easily Hire a Guerrilla Marketing Consultant who can create your own guerrilla marketing strategies and tactics, customized to your business needs with time-frame and action plan.

How the Consulting Service works?

In the first Consulting Session, Mohammed Magdy will collect data from you in very interactive way, he will ask you questions relevant to your business needs analysis, current strategies and tactics, he will discuss with you “Where You NOW” in order to prepare full integrated marketing plan for you in the next session.

At the end of the consulting service, you will receive full guerrilla marketing plan with 3 months ACTION Plan for implementation in both PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Mohammed Magdy meets you online or On-Site (at your place, or at his place). He is very flexible with his clients to meet their needs and expectations.

What is In It for You?

Mohammed Magdy will provide you with Full Guerrilla Marketing Plan (in PowerPoint and PDF) for your business after the completion of the Consulting Service.

1. Marketing Audit:

In the begining of the consulting journey with Mohammed Magdy, he will ask start making marketing audit and situational analysis for your business: this includes:

  • PESTEL Analysis: Marco environmental audit.
  • Your 16 Guerrilla Marketing Competencies Test.
  • 12 key questions to assess your business.
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • Understanding Customers’ Needs, Wants, Behavior.
  • Product Audit: Product Life Cycle Analysis, Boston Consulting Group Matrix Analysis, General Electric Matrix Analysis.
  • Analysis of the managerial, financial, and technical factors affecting your business, analysis of your customers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

2. Marketing Objectives:

you will receive:

  • Your marketing & sales objectives.
  • Your non-marketing objectives.
  • Your Balanced Score-Card.
  • The Gap Analysis for your business.

3. Marketing Strategies:

The marketing strategies are the most important in your guerrilla marketing plan, so Mohammed Magdy will provide you with full detailed plan, with clear metrics to assess them.
Also, he will discuss with you the best Competitive Advantage Strategy for your business.
Your current segmentation, targeting, positioning, and set up detailed plan to change them to reach your guerrilla marketing objectives.

4. Your Product Mix:

  • He will send to you complete products portfolio analysis to your business.
  • Your product charactertics.
  • Your product elements.
  • Your future plans for “new-product development” for your business, with assessment to the cost and future benefits.

5. Your Marketing Communications:

you will receive:

  • Your 200 Guerrilla Marketing Weapons in ACTION.
  • Your Marketing Calender for the selected Weapons, with clear budgeting and ROI for each weapon.
  • Your consistent guerrila marketing message and media across all weapons.
  • Your full detailed Guerrilla Marketing Communications Plan.
  • Your Brand Strategy.
  • Your Brand Identity.
  • Your Brand Value.
  • Recommendations to increase your Brand Loyalty.

6. Your Pricing:

you will receive:

  • Your customer value proposition.
  • Your Price Determinants: you will know what is your Break-Even Point, and when & how you will start making profit for each unit you sell.
  • Your Pricing Objective.
  • Your Pricing Strategy.
  • Your Final Price & your Profit Margin.

7. Your Distribution Strategy “Place”:

  • Your Channel Integration Strategy.
  • Your Channel Distribution Strategy.
  • Your Status in Direct Selling, Intermediaries, Cybermediaries.
  • Your Physical Distribution Management.

8. Your Internal Marketing Plan.

9. Recommendations for effective process & management of physical evidence in your marketing mix.

10. Your Relationship Marketing Plan.

11. Your Marketing Budget & Calendar.

12. Your 14 Marketing Metrics: to evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing plan.

13. Your Fusion Marketing Strategy.

14. Your Guerrilla Internet Marketing Plan.

15. Your 3 Months Guerrilla ACTION Plan.

Mohammed Magdy provides you with many One-to-One Consulting Options, kindly choose the best one suits you:

Guerrilla Marketing Coaching Programs Time-Frame Follow Up Program (After the completion of Program) Fees
KickStart Consulting Half-Day (4 hours) Consulting Meeting No Follow Up Program $500
In-Depth Consulting Service Full-Day (9 hours) Consulting Meeting 4 Weeks Follow Up Program (emails only) $1,000
Aggressive Consulting Program 4 Days (30 hours) Consulting Meetings 4 Weeks Follow Up Program (emails only) $2,000
The Ultimate Guerrilla Marketing Consulting Service 10 Days (100 hour) Consulting Meetings 3 Months Follow-Up: Unlimited Emails + Phone Calls + 12 Follow-Up Meetings (Online & On-Site) $10,000

For any one-to-one Consulting request outside Saudi Arabia, additional travel cost would be added (Accommodation + ticket).

How could you guarantee that you won’t take any risk by investing in any Consulting Service with Mohammed Magdy?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with Mohammed Magdy consulting services, a 100% money back guarantee is open for 90 days from date of purchase. All you have to do is ask and your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Why Hire Mohammed Magdy?

Mohammed Magdy is the Founder & Owner of, He authored three marketing books, interviewed Top Marketing Gurus in the World, authored hundreds of marketing articles, coached and trained many future marketers in order to facilitate their aspirations to be promoted to the position Product Manager; each person now occupies that title.

Mohammed Magdy is available for keynote presentations at corporate events and conferences around the world. He also delivers 2-days, one full-day, and half-day MasterClasses.

M. Magdy knows that sitting through a boring or off-topic speech is utterly painful. So he keeps things edgy and interactive. He uses stories and humor extensively to craft presentations that are educational, motivational, and entertaining. But whenever he is front of a group, of eighteen people or eighteen hundred, he provides valuable and actionable information about Guerrilla Marketing, Mastering Marketing Plans, Marketing Gurus’ Secrets, How To Be A Marketer, and many more.

His keynotes and Workshops are always customized based on the needs of the conference organizer/Corporate need, the geographical location of the talk, and the demographics of the audience. He adapts his presentations in many ways, including the examples of success he showcases, the focus of the talk, the use of specific language and jargon of the industry, even the clothing he chooses to wear.

M. Magdy is the Founder & Owner of, The 1st Licensed & Certified Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer and Coach in the Middle East. He authored three marketing books, interviewed Top Marketing Gurus in the World, authored hundreds of marketing articles, coached and trained many future marketers in order to facilitate their aspirations to be promoted to the position Product Manager; each person now occupies that title.

Marketing Gurus’ Secrets
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Marketing Gurus’ Secrets
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Marketing Planning Guru


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He is the 1st Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach in the Middle East, Chartered Marketer by Chartered Institute of Marketing, and Certified Trainer from University of Cambridge through holding a Cambridge International Diploma for Trainers and Teachers (CIDTT) by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

He is recommended by Top Marketing Gurus in the World as Philip Kotler, Jay Conrad Levinson (The Father of Guerrilla Marketing ), Al Ries (The Father of Positioning), Michael Solomon, Tim Calkins,Bob Gilbreath, Tim Calkins, Mitch Meyerson, Chris Forbes, Barbara Findlay Schenck, Guy Powell, Mark J. Haluska, Nancy Lee, Mohamed Tohami, many Marketing Directors, Group Product Managers, Product Managers, Assistant Product Marketing Managers, Trainers, fresh graduates, and students. Click here to see what others say about Mohammed Magdy.

Without qualification, I can recommend Mohammed Magdy for any position involved with marketing. His passion is marketing and it shows up vividly in his personality and accomplishments. I’m proud that he is a guerrilla marketer.

Jay Conrad Levinson

Without qualification, I can recommend Mohammed Magdy for any position involved with marketing. His passion is marketing and it shows up vividly in his personality and accomplishments. I’m proud that he is a guerrilla marketer.


Al Ries

Few marketing people have the vision, enthusiasm and knowledge of Mohammed Magdy. I highly recommend his Marketing Guru series.

Michael solomon

Michael Solomon

Mohammed is a very impressive young man. I think he could sell ice to Eskimos. He started from nothing, and managed to convince a lot of busy people to participate in his Gurus series. The outcome is really amazing and a great resource for all of us. Mohammed is to be commended for having the vision to pull all of this together!


Mitch Meyerson

It is my pleasure to recommend Mohammed Magdy. As a part of his brilliant marketing gurus series I was able to experience his energy, passion and marketing savvy first hand. He has put together a series every entrepreneur should experience. Mohammed is one of a kind and a true Guerrilla Marketer!

Chris forbes

Chris Forbes

Mohammed Magdy has pulled together a wealth of information that will help you quickly learn how to become a effective marketer. I encourage you to learn everything you can from Mr Magdy, he’s a true Guerrilla marketer!

Bob Gilbreath

Bob Gilbreath

Mohamed Magdy has put together an incredible resource for marketers at large or small organizations around the world.

Tim Calkins

Tim Calkins

Mohammed has incredible initiative and very strong marketing insights. He is able to lead a project and make things happen. He would be an asset to any marketing organization.

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee

Mohammed Magdy’s experience, expertise, empathy and enthusiasm (4Es) certainly prepare him to be a great Marketer, for any organization he wants to support.


Mohamed Tohami

Mohamed, your passion speaks out loudly. I believe you’re up to something big in the Marketing industry. I wish you more success.

Reem Ismail

Reem Ismail

I always thought that you were my Guru in Marketing, because not only are you an expert in the field and have this ample knowledge connecting everything together, but you also explain so well and so simplified for me to really understand. You make sure everything is professional and can’t believe all this information and hard work is for free. Truly, I wish you all the success in the world, you reallydeserve it.

Nada Nehme

Nada Nehme

Mohammad is really a very talented guy. I asked for his help when i was applying for a marketing position at MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme). he helped me a lot. His website is more than great, it was my only reference when preparing myself to apply to different jobs.
Thanks a lot Mohamad!!!


Mohamed Refaat

Mohammad Magdy is an extraordinary marketer, he possesses a unique blend of talent, passion and will; my experience with Mohammad reflected more trust to my intution; so I believe that. Mohammad Magdy will be one of the big names in the world of marketing within the coming few years.. It is my proud to say: Mohammad Magdy made to me a mind print from the first look; God bless his doings.

And Many more, To check all recommendations from Top Marketing Experts & Senior Marketing Professionals, kindly click here:

Feel free to contact Mohammed Magdy at:  (the best approach is through emails), or call him at: 00966 545 60 38 00.

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