Customers issues affecting your Marketing Plan

Customers issues affecting your Marketing Plan


Customers issues affecting your Marketing Plan

Do you know why the marketing word was created?

Do you know why organizations are shifting their marketing strategies from Selling to Marketing?

  • Marketers started to think differently when they discovered that they need to create, develop or release a product that really met customers’ needs.
  • So the marketers stated to search for their customers’ needs, selecting them carefully and developing products that satisfy those customers.
  • The previous process called segmentation and targeting marketing strategies. So the first step in customers’ need analysis is to make segmentation marketing strategy and targeting marketing strategy.

What are the customers issues affecting internal environmental analysis of your marketing plan?

  1. Segmentation and Targeting.

  2. Develop a business that is customer focused (Satisfy the real customers’ need).
  3. Meeting customers expectation:

  • To meet the customer expectations, you should know how your customers think about you, expect from you, and then develop products or services that meet those expectations.
  • To identify the customer expectations, you need to conduct marketing researches.
  1. Marketing Research and Integrated Marketing Communications:

  • Marketing Research is the defined to be the process responsible for anticipation, identification and satisfaction of customer needs through a profit.
  • Marketing communications is created to communicate with the customers through marketing campaigns, advertising, personal selling, media…etc.
  1. Retaining customers (Customer Retention):

  • It’s very important to retain your customers rather than searching for new customers.
  • Did you know that the cost of acquiring a new customer is Seven times higher than retaining old customer?

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