Guerrilla marketing and Consumerism!

- 	What are the Basic Consumer Rights?
- The Rise of Consumerism.
- What is Consumerism in Guerrilla marketing?


Guerrilla marketing and Consumerism!


In this article you will learn about:

  • What are the Basic Consumer Rights?
  • The Rise of Consumerism.
  • What is Consumerism in Guerrilla marketing?

What is consumerism in Guerrilla marketing?

Consumerism in Guerrilla marketing means an organized movement of concerned citizens and government to enhance the rights and powers of buyers in relations to sellers.

Kotler, 1995

  • So the consumerism is developed to make the consumers free to control their own economy, help them to use their rights if any negative impacts could happens from the companies.
  • The consumerism involves the protection of health of the consumers from the negative results (as gases, wastes) that could happen from the production of some materials in the industry. So it helps the consumers to feel that they are in control of their own life.

What are the basic consumer rights?

  • Right to be heard.

The consumers can provide a feedback to the government and can put their own suggestions, complains and anything they want.

  • Right to choose.

The consumers feel free to control their own economy and can choose the economy structure of the society.

  • Right to be informed: the consumers have the right to know about if they want to buy anything before companies do on their behalf. Because there are companies are having the database of credit cards of their consumers, and when they purchase products on consumers’ behalf without taking their permission (Permission Marketing), then the consumers have the right to make a complaining about this and they will get their money back.
  • Right to safety: when companies are going to develop their own products, they should focus on the safety point of view; otherwise their product may be prohibited from its release.

What are the responses that corporate and companies doing to the consumerism?

  • Ignore the consumerism; so don’t care about what consumers’ care.
  • Counter consumerism, so rising up the prices of products if they were the only ones in their own market.
  • Profit from consumerism; as get the reputation from the offensive media advertisement got from the consumerism, so after passing this situation, their reputation becomes high, and then results in selling their products much more than before.
  • Voluntary adaptation; so make free of charge services for their consumers to encourage them to maintain on their services and trusting in their image. Guerrilla Marketers are the most known in creative unconventional ideas to attract consumers and an amazing mind-blowing techniques.
  • Accept government interventions; so ask the government for their opinions and make the government as businesses partner for their companies, so the government become having the authority to make decisions in companies business.


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