How to write a marketing plan for nonprofit organizations?

How to write a marketing plan for nonprofit organizations?


How to write a marketing plan for nonprofit organizations?

 Before I start explaining how to write a marketing plan for nonprofit organizations, you need to understand the following articles that will help you learn about how to write a marketing plan:

What are the components of any marketing plan?

  1. Situational Analysis:

    • External environmental analysis, Macro environmental analysis or PESTEL.
    • Internal environmental analysis, micro environmental analysis.
  2. Marketing objectives.

  3. Marketing Strategies:

    • Competitive marketing strategies (competitive advantages strategy, growth strategies, market positioning strategy).
    • Segmentation marketing strategy.
    • Targeting marketing strategy.
    • Positioning marketing strategy.
  4. Marketing mix, marketing tactics or 7 P’s:

    • Product Mix.
    • Promotion Mix.
    • Price.
    • Place.
    • People.
    • Physical Evidence.
    • Process.

In this article I will explain sample parts of your marketing plan components and its sample because there are some components that are having different strategies and tactics in the context of nonprofit organizations marketing plans.

  1. Examples of marketing objectives as part of marketing plan for nonprofit organizations :

  • To improve the quality of life.
  • To involve local people in decisions that affects them.
  • To tackle inequality, discrimination and disadvantage.
  • To raise the funds by (determined % or amount of dollars) to restore the building, or to conduct further research into cancer treatments.

You can understand from previous examples that marketing objectives for a non-profit organizations shouldn’t be a profit based. And unfortunately most of them are build on performance based which are much difficult to measure than normal marketing objectives in other industries.

  1. Segmentation marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations:

There are three target segments in nonprofit organizations:

  1. Donors target segment in nonprofit organizations.
  2. Volunteers in nonprofit organizations.
  3. Users in nonprofit organizations.

Example of segmentation marketing strategies of Charity as nonprofit organization: donors, volunteers, governments.

Example of segmentation marketing strategies of Education as nonprofit organization: prospective students, parents, ‘feeder’ schools or colleges, governments.

Example of segmentation marketing strategies of Public sector as nonprofit organization: residents, national government, new business from outside the area.

  1. Marketing Mix Strategy for Nonprofit organization:

    • Product: usually ideas, and services.
    • Price: value for money approach (amount of money generated and cost of programs).
    • Place: short distribution channels, as charity shops.
    • Promotion: emphasis on public relations, face to face fundraising, retail outlets, service personnel, lobbying of government departments.

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