What are the technological factors affecting your marketing plan?

What are the technological factors affecting your marketing plan?


What are the technological factors affecting your marketing plan? 

The technological factors affecting business your marketing plan are including entry of new technologies either in products, processes or both.

1. Products:

1.1. Improvement in the current products (technological factors affecting your marketing plan):

Technical improvement of the current products means the creation or the development of new technology that related to the product usage.

1.2. Products outdated or obsolete (technological factors affecting your marketing plan):

Example: transformation from the old camera films to the digital cameras.

1.3. Change in usage pattern (technological factors affecting your marketing plan):

 E.g. when people or organizations were looking for files or documents transfers, they were communicating by the courier companies which were costly and times consuming. But with the new technologies as internet, the people found it easily to communicate by e-mails and sending their files through different Microsoft office formats and PDF format.

2. Processes:

2.1. EPOS (technological factors affecting your marketing plan):

  • EPOS (electronic points of sales) is a smart technology that had enabled reaching impressive improvements in Shops (food, fashion, computers…etc) it’s a system that discovers what the consumer like and gives the marketers valuable information about the consumer needs.
  • EPOS (electronic points of sales) is a system that put on cashier system, which record all of the products for each consumer. When the marketers start to analyze that system, they found some common needs between consumers; like they found all of the consumers who like to buy pampers, buy peers too. So the marketers make a special offers for those segment who buy twelve pampers packs take a peer for free.
  • The EPOS (electronic points of sales) includes loyalty cards distributed for the consumers, so they fill their personal information in those cards, the marketers analyze the buying behavior of those consumers, their ages, sex, income levels, personal interests, geographic locations of the consumers…etc.
  • So if the system discovers that there is a big segment of the women there are pregnant, this helps the marketers to develop a new partition in the market for the infants (after 2 or months) so those consumers will buy these products.

2.2. Internet based supply chain (technological factors affecting your marketing plan):

  • It’s a system that makes the balance between the stock and the new orders for the Shops.
  • g. if you go to VIRGIN megastores, you will find that every book bought are recorded on the system (Internet based supply chain) and if the stock reached a specific levels (e.g. 2 or 3 books) it will automatically request a new quantities for backup (Extranet system).
  • The previous system found in books stores, mobile shops, hypermarkets, computer shops and many shops of different categories.

2.3. Outsourcing (technological factors affecting your marketing plan):

  • What does outsourcing mean?

The company A makes a contract with another company (Company B) to conduct its business. Company B is recruiting their own employees, and work for company A as outsourcing company to promote their products and services to selected target segments.

  • Why organizations need outsourcing?

As you find in the Political factors affecting your marketing plan, in Employment law, you will find a high cost spent on the hiring, firing, and compensations. So Organizations are looking for 2nd organizations that didn’t belong to the employment law of the country (which the 1st organizations exists in) and also their salaries, hiring and firing costs are profitable for the 1st companies also.

For example:

VODAFONE telecommunication company want to open a new branch for it in Australia to handle the customers needs there (as Customer Service department). VODAFONE will spend millions in the hiring, firing and paying compensations for their employees in Australia. So they make a deal with other companies like India telecommunication companies or any other companies in the Middle East, and recruiting employees who have the same capabilities of Australian employees and matching the same standard of skills of those employees. VODAFONE may pay thousands instead of millions by the idea of outsourcing.

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